How do I cook mushrooms?

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Do you have a sensory processing disorder? I think that’s what they call picky eaters now. This is definitely a difficult thing for foodies to understand which is why you’re getting snarky responses. Most of us live and die for mushrooms. I think mushrooms can be a difficult food to incorporate but I appreciate the fact that you are trying. Jerry Seinfeld’s wife (name??) has created a cookbook devoted to the idea of hiding veggies in food. It’s for kids but it may be a good place to start.

Once you become an adult the nutrient deficiencies from omitting a wide range of vegetables will catch up to you hard and fast, especially if you’re omitting green leafy vegetables. So definitely check out that cookbook.
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Makes sense. I knew a heavy metal musician like that, who wanted to expand his musical horizons, only he didn't like jazz music. So what he started doing was playback jazz tunes at very low levels on his tiny bluetooth speaker, while his big stereo system was blasting loud heavy metal, so that the jazz music was unnoticeable. He believed the increased exposure to jazz music would help him change his musical preferences. Only now he suffers tinnitus (most likely due to the constant subconscious exposure to the aggressive high frequency content of horn instruments playing inharmonic tones).


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